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Is Euronext Dublin right for my company?

A company on Euronext Dublin needs to place a minimum of 25% of its shares in public hands and, normally, requires a 3 year trading record.  EU regulatory standards apply as Euronext Dublin is a "regulated market" under EU directives.  

Benefits of listing on Euronext Dublin

  • euro quotation – attractive to Eurozone investors
  • a liquid market for your shares
  • dual listing enabling a flexible investor strategy
  • diversified shareholder base
  • enhanced profile with stakeholders
  • ability to fund growth organically and by acquisition
  • fulfils EU regulatory requirements

Preparing for listing on the Euronext Dublin

In advance of engaging in the listing process you may require additional skill sets, resources, systems and changes to your company. This pre-listing preparation ensures that your company and directors are in position to meet the regulatory requirements of a listed company and the expectations of the investment community.  

A checklist for pre-listing

  • a compelling and robust business plan
  • clear, transparent and appropriate legal and taxation structures
  • strong capable management team 
  • appropriate board structure and board members
  • strong systems of internal control and financial reporting 
  • an investor relations strategy to include communications, disclosure and accountability to investors
  • identify and meet potential advisors 

The listing process

A Euronext Dublin listing involves the preparation of a prospectus document which is approved by the Central Bank of Ireland (or your equivalent home regulator). The prospectus is also submitted to us to demonstrate compliance with the Listing Rules.  

What is a prospectus?

The prospectus provides information for investors on your company's story - how your company has developed and what your plans for the future are. The key areas to include, such as your strategy, financial statements, directors and management, are set by EU regulatory standards.  Your equity sponsor oversees the preparation of your prospectus document.

How long does it take?

If you have prepared well, the listing process takes about 6 months and includes:

  • Due diligence by lawyers and accountants
  • Preparation of the company and its directors for transition to a listed company status
  • Drafting, submission and approval of the prospectus
  • Satisfying Euronext Dublin listing requirements
  • Marketing of the shares by the company and its sponsor / broker
  • Completion of the issue, receipt of monies, and commencement of trading in the shares

An indicative listing timetable

WhenKey Tasks
3 - 6 months to IPO
  • Appoint and instruct advisors
  • Agree timetable
  • Commence due diligence process (legal and financial)
  • Commence drafting prospectus
  • Establish share option scheme (if applicable)
2 - 3 months to IPO
  • Commence legal and financial due diligence reports
  • Develop and refine your company's story
  • Continue drafting prospectus
  • Draft analyst research report
1 - 2 months to IPO
  • Commence pre-marketing and get analyst research published 
  • Prepare investor presentations for roadshow
  • Finalise prospectus for submission to Central Bank of Ireland (or equivalent home regulator) for approval
1 month to IPO
  • Submit listing and admission documents to us for review
  • Commence roadshow and bookbuild for the shares
1 week to IPO
  • The Central Bank of Ireland (or equivalent home regulator) approves the prospectus 
  • Submit formal application for listing and admission to Euronext Dublin to us
  • Finalise share pricing and allocation of shares
IPO date
  • Shares admitted to listing and trading on Euronext Dublin

Role of advisors

Advisors play a key role in assisting you throughout the listing process. 

Equity sponsorAssists in co-ordinating and guiding you through the listing process.  Equity sponsors are vetted by us and included on our equity listing sponsor directory (62 KB).
BrokerPrepares company for investor roadshow and manages all aspects of marketing, distribution, allocation and pricing of the shares. Depending on the size of the offering you may decide to engage more than one broker 

Carries out legal due diligence, drafting and verification of prospectus and completes other legal aspects of the process

AccountantsCompletes financial due diligence, working capital, drafting financial aspects of prospectus and carries out other financial and taxation aspects of the process
RegistrarRecords share transactions and shareholder register(s)
PRDevelops PR strategy and advises on how to handle media and investor relations both pre and post listing

Life on Euronext Dublin

To achieve a share price that reflects the value of your company, complies with EU regulatory standards and meets the expectations of investors, life on Euronext Dublin involves:

Disclosing information to the marketPublication of annual and half yearly results, trading updates and price sensitive information on an ongoing basis
Managing investor relationsCommitment from key executives to provide timely and effective communication to shareholders and potential investors
Monitoring investor trendsProactive use of your share register to promote your business and broaden your investor base
Meeting corporate governance standards

Adherence to corporate governance standards expected by investors in areas such as:

  • board leadership and effectiveness
  • remuneration
  • accountability
  • shareholder relations
Restricting share dealingsAt certain times all directors and some employees of your company will not be allowed deal in your shares

Euronext Dublin fees for companies

Rules and forms for Euronext Dublin companies


Irish registered Euronext Dublin companies also need to consider the Central Bank of Ireland Securities Market Regulations

There are some pre-listing forms and checklists for Euronext Dublin companies which are handled by your equity sponsor. 

List of Euronext Dublin companies



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