List Your Company - Atlantic Securities Market (ASM)

Attract euro investors

Euro quotation allowing greater access to investors with euro mandates

Streamlined process

European market regime compatible with SEC requirements, US GAAP permitted

Connected markets

Efficient post trade linkages between European and US markets

What is the ASM and what will it deliver?

The ASM is a European market that offers a seamless, complementary quotation on the ASM for companies listing on US markets. It delivers:

  • Euro quotation allowing greater access to European investors with Euro mandates

  • Seamless connectivity between the US and Europe

  • Extended trading hours

  • Increased market visibility, branding and profile

  • Increased sales, research and trading support

Why list on our markets?

  • Proven fungible trading capability
  • Proven dual listing track record
  • A leading European gateway exchange
  • Eurozone and English speaking
  • Common law jurisdiction
  • Internationally connected

Questions? We are happy to help

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