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Real-time feeds

Equity & ISEQ® indices

Bond & fund data

Includes: fund net asset values (NAVs), Irish government bond prices, ISEQ® bond index and constituent data

Snapshot files

Index pack

Complete data to track the suite of ISEQ® equity indices

Equity pack

End of the day snapshot of trading activity of all our listed companies

Comprehensive pack

Hourly file on all aspects of Euronext Dublin market activity.
Includes: reference data, share prices, ISEQ® equity indices, ISEQ® bond indices, government bond prices, fund NAVs and company dividend

Action pack

Includes: upcoming dividend & corporate actions for companies listed on Euronext Dublin

ISE bond index pack

Complete data to track the suite of ISEQ® bond indices

Daily official list

The official record of all activity on Euronext Dublin

ISEQ licensing

ISEQ® is a trademark of the Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin. If you wish to use the ISEQ® trademark, please contact us and we can discuss your options

Euronext Dublin announcement pack

Prompt, complete, official market announcements for Euronext Dublin debt listed issuers

Bespoke information services

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Euronext Dublin Market Data, Fees & Calculation Methodology


Rosemary Leavy, Market Data Manager, Euronext Dublin

Rosemary Leavy

+353 1 6174268

Richard Dempsey, Market Data Analyst, Euronext Dublin

Richard Dempsey

+353 1 6175173