Subsidiary of Italian paper manufacturer, Fedrigoni, lists on GEM

Fabric (BC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fedrigoni, makes debut listing of €455m on the Global Exchange Market (GEM) of Euronext Dublin.

The notes have a maturity date of November 2024 and a floating rate of interest.

About Fedrigoni

The Fedrigoni Group, in existence for 125 years, is a leading international player in the production and sale of various types of paper and is the leader in Italy and Europe by total turnover in the production and sale of special graphic papers.

Fedrigoni logo from debt listing

The Group has over 2,700 employees, 13 factories (9 in Italy, 2 in Spain and 2 in Brazil) and 8 sales branches in Italy with companies in 6 European countries (excluding Italy), in the USA and in the Republic of China (Shanghai and Hong Kong).

Euronext is #1 venue worldwide for listing bonds

At the end of March 2018, Euronext had over 37,000 debt securities listed representing 90 countries around the world and is ranked the #1 stock exchange for bond listings worldwide. 




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