Euronext Dublin welcomes Tabula European Performance Credit ETF (TCEP)

The newly established firm Tabula Investment Management has chosen Ireland as the domicile for a suite of fixed income focused Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Euronext Dublin as its primary listing venue in Europe.

Asset manager, Tabula, focuses on passive fixed income funds

Tabula is an asset manager focused on passive fixed income. It is based in London and plans to offer Irish domiciled UCITS funds to European investors, mainly in the form of ETFs.

This listing, their first fixed income ETF, Tabula European Performance Credit ETF (TCEP), offers exposure to investment grade European corporate debt and is aimed at European institutional investors including insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers, private banks and wealth managers.

Tabula logo on Euronext Dublin

Euronext's fast and efficient access point to Europe attracts >1,000 ETFs listings

Euronext is the largest centre for debt and funds listings in the world, with more than 37,000 listed bonds and 5,200 funds as well as over 1,000 ETF listings.

Euronext Dublin continues to attract new ETF providers by offering a fast and cost efficient access point to launch in Europe.  Ireland continues to lead the way in this fast-growing sector as the domicile of choice for ETFs in Europe with over 54% market share.




Gerry Sugrue, VP - International Primary Markets, Euronext

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