US$300m bond is latest listing from Ecuadorian public company, Petroamazonas

Petroamazonas, the Ecuadorian public company, lists additional notes of US$300m on the Global Exchange Market (GEM) of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). The notes, with a 4.625% interest rate, have a maturity date of November 2020.

This listing follows Petroamazonas’ listing in May 2017 of US$315m notes on the GEM which carried an interest rate of 4.625% and a maturity date of February 2020.

About Petroamazonas

Petroamazonas is an Ecuadorian public company dedicated to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Petroamazonas logo from debt listing

Petroamazonas is wholly-owned by Ecuador and performs its operations directly and through its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Its operations are located entirely in Ecuador, with the exception of a minority equity investment in a subsidiary involved in upstream operations in Venezuela.

ISE is European listing venue of choice for Latin American issuers

The ISE’s two bond markets, the Main Securities Market (MSM) and the GEM attract a wide range of issuers from Latin America including PemexVotorantim CimentosCLISABanco Santander Chile  and  Cementos Pacasmayo.

ISE is#1 venue worldwide for listing bonds

October 2017 statistics published by the World Federation of Exchanges show that the ISE is ranked as #1 for total bond listings and #1 for new bond listings in 2017 among 67 and 52 exchanges worldwide.  




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