British bank, Sainsbury’s Bank plc, lists £175m notes on GEM

Sainsbury’s Bank plc has listed on the Global Exchange Market (GEM) of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) for the first time with issuance of £175m notes. The notes, with a 6% interest rate, have a maturity date of November 2027.

About Sainsbury Bank plc

Sainsbury’s Bank plc (the Bank) is the UK's first supermarket bank. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of British supermarket chain Sainsbury. The Bank opened in 1997 and offers an award-winning range of financial products with attractive rewards for Sainsbury's shoppers.

Sainsbury's bank plc logo from debt listing

The list of financial products offered include credit cards, savings and loans, as well as mortgages, travel money and car, home, pet, travel and life insurance.

Other UK brand names listing on the ISE include Vodafone and Sky.

ISE offers issuers choice of two bond markets

The ISE offers two bond markets, the Main Securities Market (MSM) and the GEM, which are recognised under EU legislation as a ‘regulated market’ and a ‘multilateral trading facility (MTF)’ respectively, enabling global issuers to access EU investors.

ISE is #1 venue worldwide for listing bonds

October 2017 statistics published by the World Federation of Exchanges show the ISE is the leading exchange in the world for total bonds listings (30,601 listings) and the leading exchange for new bond listings year to date (8,348).




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