Two new Nordic banks list on Irish Stock Exchange bond markets

The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) welcomes two new Nordic issuers to its international bond markets, Norwegian savings bank Sparebanken, and Danish mortgage credit institution BRFkredit, a subsidiary of Jyske Bank.

Sparebanken and BRFkredit have each issued a €500m covered bond with a coupon rate of 0.25% to mature in 2021. Both of these issues have listed on the ISE’s European regulated Main Securities Market (MSM).

Sparebanken and BRFkredit join over 20 other Nordic banks listing debt products on our bond markets. Nordic issuers already listing at the ISE include:

  • Danske Bank, Nykredit Realkredit, Saxo Bank (Denmark)
  • Nordea Bank, Swedbank, Svenska Handelsbanken (Sweden)
  • DNB Bank, Nordea Eiendomskreditt (Norway)
  • Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland, Municipality Finance (Finland)
  • Islandsbanki and Landsbankin (Iceland)

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