Saudi Arabia debuts its first bonds through ISE-listed GMTN Programme

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has listed bonds for the first time through a Global Medium Term Note Programme (GMTN) debuted on the Main Securities Market (MSM) of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). Its inaugural US$17.5 billion sovereign bond issuance comprises of:

  • US$5.5bn 2.375% Notes due 2021
  • US$5.5bn 3.25% Notes due 2026
  • US$6.5bn 4.5% Notes due 2046.

he Kingdom of Saudi Arabia logo from

Other bond listings on the ISE from the Middle East

These debt listings from Saudi Arabia’s GMTN programme are among a number of bond securities listed on the ISE from the Middle East. Other gulf sovereign bond listings choosing an ISE listing include Jordan and Bahrain.

Corporate issuers from the Middle East on the ISE’s debt markets include Saudi Electricity Company, Emirates, Kuwait Energy, Ruwais Power Company and Emirates Telecommunications Corp.

There are over 28,000 bonds listed from 80 countries around the globe on ISE markets.

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