New online NAV submission process commences 28 September 2015

This information is relevant to individuals or organisations who submit Net Asset Values (NAVs) in relation to funds listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE).

The process for submitting Net Asset Values (NAVs) to the ISE moves online from Monday 28 September 2015. It will operate via ISEdirect.

Key changes from 28 September 2015

  • Customers submitting NAVs need to register on
  • Files for automated submission need to be set up in advance via, approved as suitable by the ISE and emailed to a new email address
  • For customers who do not use files, each NAV will be processed individually via
  • The email addresses and will no longer be in use so files sent these email addresses will not be processed.
  • Fax and other hard copy forms containing NAV details will no longer be processed

How to set up your NAV files for automated submission from 28 September 2015

  1. Register on (if not already registered for other services). Registration is open now.
  2. If you currently submit NAVs to, review your existing file format that you send to us and ensure it follows the prescribed format for automatic processing in the future.
  3. If you don’t have a current file format, download the sample file and formatting guidelines and prepare your proposed file.
  4. Send us your proposed file through the file setup form on ISEdirect. 
  5. We will contact you to confirm that your file is approved for the automated service.
  6. From 28 September email your approved files to  

More information on the set up of NAV files is available on  

How the single NAV submission service will work from 28 September 2015

  1. Register on ISEdirect (if not already registered for other services). Registration is open now.
  2. Submit each NAV separately by completing the online form for NAV submission.
  3. The fields available to complete are:
  • Fund name
  • Class name
  • NAV
  • NAV date
  • Bid
  • Offer
  • Bid/offer date

 A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the new NAV service is available on ISEdirect.

We are of course happy to answer any queries you may have or talk you through the new service. You can send email queries to




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