ISEdirect services extended to include submission of fund NAVs

This information is relevant to individuals or organisations who submit Net Asset Values (NAVs) in relation to funds listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE).

The new process for submitting Net Asset Values (NAVs) to the ISE via ISEdirect commences today.

What is the new process?

  • All customers submitting NAVs need to register on
  • Customers have the option to set up a file for automated submission or to submit NAV prices on an individual basis through
  • Files for automated submission need to be set up in advance through ISEdirect. Procedures, file formatting guidelines and template are available on the NAV services page of ISEdirect. The ISE will review and approve your file and advise you when it is ready for submission of NAVs. You can then email NAV files to
  • An alternative for customers is to login to ISEdirect and submit each NAV on an individual basis.

Note for existing users

  • The email addresses and are no longer operational so please do not send emails to these addresses as we will not be in a position to process them.
  • Fax and other hard copy forms containing NAV details are also no longer accepted.

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)  is available on ISEdirect.

We are of course happy to answer any queries you may have. Send email queries to




Jayne Fleming, Market Services Official, Euronext Dublin

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Nicola Moore, Senior Official Market Services, Euronext Dublin

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