ISE commences new innovation programme across the organisation

The Irish Stock Exchange’s (ISE) has commenced a four year innovation programme across the organisation as part of its strategic objectives for 2015-2018. The first phase, about inspiring ideas and increasing creativity and innovation among its staff, has just been completed.

As part of this phase, leaders in innovation from a variety of sectors were invited to the ISE to speak about how they inspire, lead and develop innovation in their organisations including:

  • Caroline Keeling, CEO of Keelings
  • Joe Hogan, Co-Founder and CTO of Openet
  • Ciaran Black, Group Innovation Director of Coillte
  • Johnny Walker, Founder and CEO of Healthfounders

This initial phase also involved the ISE partnering with UCD’s Nova Innovation Centre to develop and advise on original ideas brought forward by staff members. 

Deirdre Somers, ISE CEO, said: “Innovation is core to developing and growing our business and has been part of our success story for over 200 years. It has enabled the ISE to develop a fund and debt listing business from a zero base 20 years ago to where we are today – a global leader with over 4,000 issuers from 80 countries around the world listed on our markets.

This exciting new programme aims to provide the ISE with a framework for fostering innovation and equip staff at all levels in the organisation with the skills necessary to think creatively as part of their day-to-day roles.”