ISE reduces clearing fees in the Irish market by 50%

The ISE has announced a 50% reduction in clearing fees for order book trades in Irish equities and ETFs, effective 3 December 2014.

The reduced fee level will benefit trading member firms and investors by significantly decreasing clearing costs for executions on the ISE Xetra order book said Brian Healy, Director, Traded Markets, Development, Operations.

“We have a long-standing strategic commitment to providing a world class, easily accessible and cost-effective trading and post-trade market infrastructure to participants in the Irish market. Deal activity has grown by +30% year to date (FY2013: +40%) which has enabled us to deliver, in cooperation with our post-trade partners Eurex Clearing AG and Euroclear UK & Ireland, a very significant reduction in the cost of clearing in the Irish market from 24 cent to 12 cent per CCP eligible trade.”

“This halving of clearing fees will yield major cost savings for our customers. Lower clearing costs will also help to support further growth and are important to ensuring that we maintain our position as the dominant pool of liquidity for Irish equities,” he added.

Additional information on clearing fees in the Irish market.


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