Key Learnings for a Successful IPO

Paul Lynch, former Chief Financial Officer of Applegreen plc, who played a key role in Applegreen’s initial public offering (IPO) process in 2015, presented to the participating companies on the Irish Stock Exchange’s #IPOready programme. Here he outlines some of his key learnings to ensure a successful IPO transaction.

9 key steps to ensuring a successful IPO 

  1. Start early - focus on adapting culture, amending remuneration structure, develop a board structure possibly including non-execs 
  2. Select your advisors carefully. They are key. Arrange formal pitches which will educate as well as firm up costs. Key factors to consider - expertise, experience and culture/chemistry
  3. Get specific resources on board to help with elements of the transaction so that day to day is not neglected
  4. Ensure due diligence is well managed and focused - don’t just leave to advisers to dictate
  5. Be clear on your message
  6. Be credible - credibility is very important and building same with investors begins with initial interactions
  7. Remember its much more than an IPO. Ensure focus remain on the life of the business as a listed company in the long term
  8. Don’t over promise
  9. Deliver

Paul Lynch, former CFO of Applegreen plc at the ISE #IPOready programme

Paul Lynch, former CFO of Applegreen plc provides insights at the ISE's #IPOready programme 2017

What an IPO delivers

IPO is a permanent capital solution for companies seeking to raise strategic finance.  It provides companies with access to deep pools of capital; liquidity for shareholders; the ability to reward, incentivise and attract employees; and increased branding and profile for their business. 

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