On 27 March 2018 Euronext completed its acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). The ISE has joined Euronext’s federal model and now operates under the trading name Euronext Dublin. Press release link. The content on this website will be updated in due course.


Debt Security Documents
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Debt Security Series Document
  Document Type   ATF NETHERLANDS B.V. Date Download
Other Financial Statements 30.09.2016 9/3/2017   428.3KB
Other Annual Report for the period 30 September 2016 to 31 December 2016 25/5/2017   1.6MB
Other €50,000,000 2.125% bonds due 2023 20/1/2017   2MB
Other Undated Subordinated Notes subject to Interest Rate Reset 20/1/2017   2.3MB
Standalone €600,000,000 1.50% Series D Bonds due 2022 8/11/2016   2MB
Standalone ATF Netherlands B.V. 9/11/2016   2MB
Standalone €500,000,000 2.125% bonds due 2023 9/12/2016   2MB
Standalone ATF Netherlands B.V. 19/10/2016   2.3MB

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