On 27 March 2018 Euronext completed its acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). The ISE has joined Euronext’s federal model and now operates under the trading name Euronext Dublin. Press release link. The content on this website will be updated in due course.


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Date Company name Headline Release Time
23/01/2019 Ocado Group PLC Holding(s) in Company 10:31
23/01/2019 Oaktree EIF III Ltd Notice of Executed Supplemental Indenture 07:45
21/01/2019 OZLME IV DAC Notice to Noteholders in respect of CMAA Amendment 15:05
21/01/2019 ONESAVINGS BANK PLC OneSavings Bank plc : Directorate change 14:45
21/01/2019 Ocado Group PLC Accounting Impact: IFRS 15 Presentation 07:00
18/01/2019 Origin Enterprises Holding in Company 08:36
17/01/2019 Octagon Inv PtnrsXXI Notice - Supplements and Consent Jan 16, 2019 07:53
16/01/2019 OZLM IX Limited/LLC Announcement of Delisting 15:23
16/01/2019 OP CorporateBank plc Moody's upgraded OP Insurance Ltd's rating, OP Corporate Bank plc's credit ratings remain unchanged 07:00

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