Regulatory Responsibilites - Information

European directives drive markets and securities regulation. In Ireland, The Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin, sets listing requirements for issuers.  The Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin, is also authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to operate its four securities markets – Euronext Dublin, Euronext Growth, the Global Exchange Market (GEM) and the Atlantic Securities Market (ASM).

What are we responsible for?

As The Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin, we are responsible for:

Setting requirements for:

  • listing of securities on our markets
  • admission of securities to trading on our markets
  • admission of member firms and traders, sponsors, Euronext Growth and ASM advisors
  • reporting of trading activity by member firms

Reviewing and approving:

  • listing particulars of debt securities admitted to the GEM
  • listing particulars for open ended investment funds
  • listing and trading applications


  • compliance by issuers with our rule books
  • compliance by member firms, sponsors, Euronext Growth and ASM advisors with our rule books
  • market activity for potential disorderly trading or market abuse


  • potential market abuse to the Central Bank of Ireland for further investigation

How do we carry out our responsibilities?

  • we set rules for listing and admission to trading for issuers of securities
  • we provide corporate governance disclosure requirements for equity issuers
  • we set rules member firms, sponsors, Euronext Growth and ASM advisors
  • we have a Regulatory Committee
  • we monitor disclosures, news and market activity to identify potential breaches, disorderly trading and market abuse
  • we monitor issuers on our markets and the activities of member firms, sponsors, Euronext Growth and ASM advisors for compliance with our rule books
  • we outline issuers' responsibilities and ongoing obligations to comply with EU securities legislation

What are we authorised as?

The Irish Stock Exchange plc, trading as Euronext Dublin, has the following regulatory authorisations. 


Authorised by

Regulatory Basis

What this means?

The Competent Authority for Listing

Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

European Communities (Admission to Listing and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2007, as amended

We admit securities to listing in Ireland. Find out more about how to list debtsharesinvestment funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) on our markets.

National Numbering Agency

ANNA (the Association of National Numbering Agencies)

We provide ISINs (International Security Identification Number, FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name)  & CFI (Classification of Financial Instrument) codes for securities domiciled in Ireland. Find out more about our ISIN, FISN and CFI services.

Regulated Market and Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) provider

Central Bank of Ireland

European Union (Markets in
Financial Instruments) Regulations 2017

We are authorised to operate 4 markets for securities:

  • Euronext Dublin (regulated market)
  • Euronext Growth (MTF)
  • Global Exchange Market (MTF)
  • Atlantic Securities Market (MTF).

LOU (Legal Operating Unit) in Ireland

Global Legal Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

We are accredited by the GLEIF to issue LEI (Legal Entity Identifiers) - a global reference code which uniquely identifies each legal entity that engages in a financial transaction. Find out more about our LEI services.

Official Authorised Mechanism

The Central Bank of Ireland

Transparency (Directive 2004/109/EC) Regulations 2007

We store “regulated information” as defined under the Transparency Directive so investors can access it easily.

What are others responsible for?



Central Bank of Ireland

regulates investment firms and stockbrokers including

  • client monies
  • conduct of business
  • consumer protection

reviews and approves prospectuses under the Prospectus Regulation (Euronext Dublin)

monitors disclosure of information under the Transparency Directive (Euronext Dublin)

investigates market abuse 

The Irish Takeover Panel

monitors takeover activity of Irish companies

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman

investigates and decides on complaints against stockbrokers and investment firms

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

provides information about consumer rights and personal finance

Investor Compensation Company Limited

manages the Investor Compensation Scheme

Irish Auditing and Accounting Standards Board (IAASA)

examines annual and half-yearly financial reports of issuers for disclosure under the Transparency Directive

Rule books

Regulatory Committee

Terms of reference for the Regulatory Committee (121 KB)


Therese Moore, Regulations Manager, Euronext Dublin


Therese Moore


+353 1 6174211