History - Key Events

the act for better regulation of stock brokers 1799

1793 to 1830s....


Dublin Stock Exchange established at the Old Exchange Coffee House, now the site of the Royal Exchange, Dame Street, Dublin 2 (now City Hall)

1799Session of Parliament held in Ireland passes the “Act for the Better Regulation of Stockbrokers”
1799Dublin Stock Exchange moves to Commercial Buildings, Dame Street, Dublin 2
1830sBoom in the listing and trading of railroad and canal stock
The dublin stock exchange trading floor circa 1900 from www.ise.ie

1870s to World War I....

1878Dublin Stock Exchange opens new building and market floor on Anglesea Street, Dublin 2 
1890Dublin Stock Exchange helps found The Council of Associated Stock Exchanges, which comprised of Irish and UK stock exchanges
1890sBoom in listing and trading of shares in bicycle companies
1914Dublin Stock Exchange closes for trading from 31 July 1914 to 11 January 1915 on the outbreak of World War One. Brokers continue to trade on the steps of Anglesea Street

Oonah Keogh Una Keogh Oonagh Keogh first woman member of a stock exchange in the world from www.ise.ie

1920s to 1970s....

1923First Irish Free State Bond lists on the Dublin Stock Exchange
1925First woman member of any stock exchange in the world, Oonah Keogh, admitted to the Dublin Stock Exchange
1939Dublin Stock Exchange closes for trading from 1 September to 5 September 1939 on the outbreak of World War Two
1971Dublin Stock Exchange changes its name to the Irish Stock Exchange. Cork Stock Exchange and Irish Members of the Provincial Brokers Stock Exchange become part of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)
1973Merger of the ISE and UK Stock Exchanges to form The Stock Exchange 
The Irish Stock Exchange trading floor in 1985 with Waterford crystal chandeliers from www.ise.ie

The 1980s....

1980sBoom in listing and trading of shares in oil exploration companies
1985ISE becomes the competent authority for listing in Ireland
1986“Big Bang” introduces major changes to market systems and the operation of the London and Irish markets
1987The Stock Exchange is renamed as the International Stock Exchange of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Limited
1989Introduction of first ISEQ equity index

Stock brokers on the Irish Stock Exchange market floor prior to electronic trading in 2000 from www.ise.ie

The 1990s....

1990Funds first start to list on the ISE
1995ISE becomes independent again, forming The Irish Stock Exchange Limited
1995First two UK-based members join The Irish Stock Exchange Limited
1999First member firm outside UK and Ireland (Deutsche Bank) joins the ISE
Michael Noonan Minister for Finance rings the bell at the ISE on the launch of the REITs in Ireland in July 2014 from www.ise.ie

2000 onwards....

2000ISE commences international debt listing business
2000ISE closes its market floor and electronic trading begins
2013ISE admits REITs (a property based company or fund) for the first time 
2014The Irish Stock Exchange Limited changes its corporate structure and becomes The Irish Stock Exchange Plc
2018The ISE is acquired by Euronext, the pan European exchange, and becomes Euronext Dublin