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Debt Security Documents

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Legend: Debt Security Programme Debt Security Non-Programme Debt Security Programme Document Debt Security Series Document
  Document Type   SHERLOCK LIMITED Date Download
  ListingParticulars Series 198 USD 10,000,000 Credit Suisse Adaptive Term Premium Index overlay with Leveraged Skew Notes due 20 June 2016 16/8/2011   1MB
  ListingParticulars Series 227 30/8/2012   511.9KB
  ListingParticulars Series 246 Floating Rate Leveraged Skew Notes due December 2017 9/4/2013   539.2KB
  ListingParticulars Series 217 Floating Rate Secured Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Credit-linked Notes due 2016 5/4/2012   511.9KB
  ListingParticulars Series 243 19/3/2013   622.4KB
  ListingParticulars Series 221 Leveraged Skew Notes with Credit Suisse Interest Rate Multi Strategy Basket overlay due December 2017 20/6/2012   511.9KB
Standalone Document Series 133 EUR 5,000,000 Secured Fixed Rate Credit-Linked Notes due 2014 15/7/2009   226.8KB