Debt Security Documents
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Debt Security Series Document
  Document Type   SHERLOCK LIMITED Date Download
  ListingParticulars Series 217 Floating Rate Secured Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Credit-linked Notes due 2016 5/4/2012   511.9KB
  ListingParticulars Series 227 30/8/2012   511.9KB
  ListingParticulars Series 198 USD 10,000,000 Credit Suisse Adaptive Term Premium Index overlay with Leveraged Skew Notes due 20 June 2016 16/8/2011   1MB
  ListingParticulars Series 221 Leveraged Skew Notes with Credit Suisse Interest Rate Multi Strategy Basket overlay due December 2017 20/6/2012   511.9KB
  ListingParticulars Series 246 Floating Rate Leveraged Skew Notes due December 2017 9/4/2013   539.2KB
  ListingParticulars Series 243 19/3/2013   622.4KB
Standalone Document Series 133 EUR 5,000,000 Secured Fixed Rate Credit-Linked Notes due 2014 15/7/2009   226.8KB