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ISE® Equity Pack

The ISE® Equity Pack is an information product supplied by the Irish Stock Exchange (the ISE) to meet the demands of users who wish to receive regular updates of static and trading information of the equities quoted on the ISE.

The ISE® Equity Pack is a comprehensive collation of daily statistical data for each of the equities quoted on the ISE.

The ISE® Equity Pack is made up of one comma sperated file (CSV) which contains both static data (e.g. ISIN, SEDOL, Issuer, etc.) and variable data (e.g. Official Closing Price, Last Traded Price, Market Capitalisation, Bid-Offer, etc.) for all equities quoted on each of the markets of the Exchange.

Note that CSV (comma separated values) files can be opened and read in Microsoft Excel, notepad or any text editor in either Unix or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The ISE® Equity Pack is delivered by e-mail or FTP each hour from 09:00 to 18:00 on each ISE-Xetra® business day.

There is a free introductory period of one month to all subscribers to the service.

For Details on Information Product fees please contact

Viewthe ISE® Equity Pack specification (including sample)

Publication and use of Equity & ISEQ® Index Data is subject to the Market Data Definition Agreement (MDDA)

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