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ISE® Bond Index Pack

The ISE® Bond Index Pack is an information product supplied by the to meet the demands of users who wish to track the performance of the ISE’s suite of bond indices and their constituents.

The pack is made up of two files, the first contains the index specific values, and the second contains the constituent specific data.

  • ISEQ® Bond Index Values   specific values
  • ISEQ® Bond Index Constituents Values specific values

The ISE® Bond Index Pack is disseminated twice a day on each trading day, at 16:30 and 21:00. The 16.30 & 21:00 files are differentiated by A and B in the filename. The 21:00(B) file is the same as 16:30(A) file except it also contains Volume and Turnover figures which are not available at 16:30.

Both files are in CSV format. Note that CSV (comma separated values) files can be opened and read in Microsoft Excel, notepad or any text editor in either Unix or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The ISE® Bond Index Pack is delivered by e-mail or FTP at the 16:30 each business day.

For Details on Information Product fees please contact

View the ISE® Bond Index Pack Specification (including sample)



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