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Equity & ISEQ® Index Datafeed

As part of the ISE's strategic technology partnership with the Deutsche Börse, Irish Stock Exchange Equity (and Covered Warrants) marketdata (Level 1, Level 2) and ISEQ® Indices are published real-time via Deutsche Börse's data feed CEF®  the on all ISE Xetra® trading days.
CEF® is Deutsche Börse's high perfomance real-time data feed. CEF®  collects, formats and disseminates information from more than 25
sources. Processing up to 17 million messages per day, it bundles the data into information products and disseminates them to leadinginformation providers and financial services companies worldwide.
For further details about CEF® please visit deutsche-boerse website.

For further details please contact

View the Equity & ISEQ® Index Datafeed fee structure.

Publication and use of Equity & ISEQ® Index Data is subject to the Market Data Dissemination Agreement (MDDA).

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