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Information Products - Frequently Asked Questions

Can a subscriber to an ISE® Information Product, publish the data to third parties?

Not including the onward vending of the Information Product in part or in full, the subscriber is free to use the ISE® Information Product in the normal business of the subscriber.
The customer is entitled to provide the ISE® Information Product in part or in full to clients who are the final consumers of the data.
The subscriber is NOT entitled to onward vend the ISE® Information Product or its contents to clients who will in turn onward vend the ISE® Information Product in part or in full. In this case the client will also be required to enter an agreement with the ISE.
The Irish Stock Exchange should be accredited as the source of the data in cases where the user publishes the data.

What is the process for making an ad-hoc query?

When information requirements are not met by existing information products and services, Ad-Hoc Requests can be made directly to the ISE for source financial data or aggregated statistics.
Requests for historical or current data, as a once-off request or on a more frequent basis will be processed by the ISE on a best endeavours basis. The ISE does not guarantee that all requests will be met.
Requests made to the ISE either resulting in a large resource cost or requiring delivery of a substantial volume of data, may incur a charge.

What are the various fees for the Information Products?

Refer to the Information Products Fee Structure which gives a detailed outline of all the standard and non-standard fees for the various information products and Ad-Hoc requests.

Where can I find the various Instrument Identifiers?

To view the actual codes assigned to Irish Stock Exchange instruments, click on the relevant link below :

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