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Ad-Hoc ISEQ® Data

The ISEQ® Index has a base date of Jan 4th, 1988. The ISEQ® Overall Index has been back calculated on a weekly basis to Jan 1st, 1983.


Data Content Available:  
Index TypeISIN CodeIndex Date Return Index
Opening ValueClosing ValueDaily HighDaily Low
Market CapitalisationTurnoverTradesInterest Rate
Historical Data Availability:  
ISEQ® Overall01-Jan-1983 to 31-Dec-1987Weekly
ISEQ® Overall04-Jan-1988 to date Daily
ISEQ® Financial04-Jan-1988 to date Daily
ISEQ® General04-Jan-1988 to date Daily
ISEQ® Small Cap30-Dec-1998 to date Daily
ISEQ® ESM11-Apr-2005 to date Daily
ISEQ® 2031-Dec-1997 to dateDaily
ISEQ® 20 Capped2-Jan-1998to dateDaily
ISEQ® Leveraged2-Jan-1998 to date Daily


View the ISEQ® Data sample (Excel format) 

Use of the "ISEQ" name is subject to use the ISEQ® Index Licensing Agreement  

Publication and use of Equity & ISEQ® Index Data is subject to the Market Data Definition Agreement (MDDA)

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