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Become a Member Firm of the ISE

A member firm of the ISE must be:

  • authorised as an investment firm to engage in the relevant services and activities that it undertakes on the ISE by its relevant competentauthority under the provisions of the MiFID Directive 2004/39/EC as amended from time to time, or
  • authorised as a credit institution to engage in the relevant activities that it undertakes on the ISE by its relevant competent authorityunder the provisions of Directive 2006/48/EC; as amended from time to time, or
  • where the above requirements are not met, the ISE may at its sole discretion admit as a member firm a person which satisfies the ISEthat it has appropriate capital and appropriate GCM arrangements in place and sufficiently meets the suitability requirements of Rule2.5.2. Such a firm may be admitted as a Restricted Trading Member Firm.

All member firms must also meet the suitability requirements of the ISE. Please click here for more information.

Further information in relation to the membership application process for entities:

Incorporated in an EU state (including Ireland) is available here.

Incorporated outside of the EU is available here .

All member firms are subject to theRules of the ISE.All member firms are subject to the. TheRegulation Department can be contacted for further information on the Rules of theIrish Stock Exchange. Pleasecontact the Market Development Team for further information in respect of membership or to:

  • obtain a member firm application form (available for download below);
  • discuss the different types of membership; and
  • discuss the application process and requirements in more detail.

All applications will be subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee of the ISE and incur Membership Fees. For further information onfees please click here.

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