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We offer our domestic and international trading members

  1. the main pool of liquidity for Irish equities
  2. the most efficient marketplace for trading in Irish equities
  3. cost-effective and easily accessible trading and post-trade systems in partnership with Deutsche Börse (ISE T7), Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST) and Eurex Clearing AG (CCP)
  4. a competitive pricing model which incentivises our members to increase their trading activity
  5. a trading system that enhances the performance, latency and capacity of our equity market.

Become a trading member

We offer a prompt membership and connectivity process. Connecting to Euronext Dublin is straightforward and is further simplified with an existing T7 connectivity on Deutsche Börse or Eurex. Call us if you are interested in becoming a member firm.

Current members list

BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNCInvestec Bank plc
Campbell O’Connor & CompanyInvestec Capital & Investments (Ireland) Limited
Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland LimitedMerrill Lynch International
Citadel Securities (Europe) LimitedMerrion Stockbrokers Limited
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) LimitedORA Traders B.V.
DavySociete Generale S.A.
Deutsche Bank AGSusquehanna International Securities Limited
Flow Traders BVTower Research Capital Limited
GoodbodyUBS Limited
Hudson River Trading Europe LimitedVirtu Financial Ireland Limited
Instinet Europe LimitedWinterflood Securities Limited


Order Book Executions per Month
Fee per Executed Order
0 - 5,000€1.25
5,001 - 10,000€0.75
10,001 - 20,000€0.50
ATP Order Book Executions per Month*Fee per ATP Executed Order
0 - 10,000€0.65
10,001 - 20,000€0.50
Trade Reports**€0.05
Admission FeeNone
Annual Membership Fee€25,000

*Firms who wish to avail of our reduced order execution fees for algorithmic trading flow must sign and submit the Automated Trading Programme (ATP) Agreement and the Application for the Approval of an ATP User-ID form. 

**This fee applies to off-order book equity and ETF deals reported through the ISE OBOE system.  A fee of €10 per trade report applies to deals submitted to Euronext Dublin for other securities. 

ISE T7 trading system

About ISE T7

ISE T7 is the electronic order book trading system for shares and ETFs. It offers members various order types and quote functionality.

It is also fully MiFID II/MiFIR compliant. 

ISE T7 operates on the latest version of T7, currently Release 6.1 which was implemented on 18 June 2018. Further information on Release 6.1 is contained in the following documents, with all Release 6.1 documents in the dedicated section below. 

Release 7.0

The next release of T7, Release 7.0, will be implemented in production on 3 December 2018. The release will introduce a number of functional and technical enhancements as described in the Release Notes: ISE T7 Release 7.0 Release Notes.

Release 7.0 software is now available in the simulation environment for testing. The Simulation Guide and Calendar are available to support members with their testing.

Further information on Release 7.0 is available in the release documentation section below.

Connecting to the ISE T7 platform

Options for participants to connect:

  • use an existing T7 connectivity to another T7 market which significantly reduces connectivity costs
  • order a separate connectivity choosing one that best suits your needs - a broad range of connectivity options exist, including co-location
  • use a registered service provider that can provide a technical connection to ISE T7 as well as services such as front-end software
Members can order connectivity to ISE T7 via Deutsche Börse 

ISE T7 Release 7.0 documents

ISE T7 Release 7.0 Final Release Notes (270 KB)

ISE T7 Release 7.0 Communication Calendar (18 KB)

Client & Member Reference Data Upload (1,602 KB)

Order Transaction Ratio - Methodology and Parameter (563 KB)


ISE T7 Release 7.0 Simulation Guide (360 KB)

ISE T7 Simulation Calendar (20 KB)

T7 Rel 7.0 Simulation Known Limitations (307 KB)

Overview and Functionality

ISE T7 Rel 7.0 Functional and Interface Overview (1,066 KB)

ISE T7 Rel 7.0 Functional Reference (668 KB)

Trading Interfaces

T7 Release 7.0 ETI Manual v1.1 (441 KB)

T7 ETI - Cash Message Reference (1,329 KB)

T7 ETI- XSD XML representation and layouts (256 KB)

T7 FIX Gateway FIX 4.2 and 4.4 Manual (893 KB)

T7 FIX Gateway - Fiximate v5.0.zip (817 KB)

T7 FIX Gateway - Repository v5.0.zip (132 KB)

Market and Reference Data Interfaces

T7 Extended Market Data Services - XML FAST Templates (4 KB)

T7 Extended Market Data Services - T7 Trade Prices (464 KB)

T7 Extended Market Data Services - Underlying Ticker - Data Manual v7.00 (363 KB)

T7 Extended Market Data Services - Underlying Ticker - XML FAST Template (2 KB)

T7 Market and Reference Data Interfaces - Manual v7.0.1 (2,991 KB)

T7 Market and Reference Data Interfaces -XML FAST Templates - FIXML schema files (71 KB)

T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface - Manual v7.0.1 (1,267 KB)    

T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface - XML Representation (20 KB)

T7 Rel 7.0 Instrument Reference Data Guide.v.1.0 (420 KB)

GUI Solutions

T7 Trader GUI, Admin GUI and Clearer GUI - Installation Manual (1,877 KB)

ISE T7 Participant and User Maintenance - Manual (541 KB)

T7 Trader, Admin and Clearer GUI Manual v.7.0.0_003 (1,157 KB)


T7 XML Report Reference Manual - Simulation v2.1.3 (1,338 KB)

T7 XML Report Manual Modification Notes (393 KB)

T7 XML Reports - XML Schema Files v1.1.4 (103 KB)

Common Report Engine (CRE) - User Guide v6.6 (1,511 KB)

Network Access

N7 Network Access Guide - Network Configuration Guide v2.0.36 (2,426 KB)

ISE T7 Release 6.1 documents


Overview and Functionality

Trading Interfaces

Market and Reference Data Interfaces

GUI Solutions


Network Access

Short Code Mapping File Upload

ISE OBOE system

ISE OBOE is the system for the submission of off order book on exchange trade reports and complies with MiFID/MiFIR requirements.Members can connect to the ISE OBOE system via

  • a FIX session using the same leased line for connecting to ISE T7
  • a Web based User Interface (internet only).

Members can connect and set-up users to the OBOE system via the regulatory report hub of Deutsche Börse

Post-trade systems

We have established partnerships with international post-trade systems for the clearing and settlement of Euronext Dublin trades. Clearing is carried out by Eurex Clearing AG and settlement is provided by Euroclear UK & Ireland via the CREST system. For more information on clearing and settlement, please visit our Clearing and Settlement page or contact us directly.

Registered trader forms

Euronext Dublin migration

The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) joined the Euronext federal model on 27th March 2018, and now trades as Euronext Dublin.

As indicated on completion of the transaction, it is Euronext’s intention that Euronext Dublin trading will be integrated onto Optiq® and the related Euronext systems, pending regulatory approval.

This will include:

  • Setting up the Euronext Dublin order book securities on the Euronext Optiq® platform.
  • Enabling of off order book on exchange trade reporting via the Saturn Euronext platform.
  • Entrusting post-trade operations to European Central Counterparty N.V. (EuroCCP) as the single Central Counterparty Clearing Solution.

For further information please see the relevant Info Flashes below:

Euronext Dublin Instruments Migration to Optiq and Related Euronext Systems: High-Level Plan (474 KB)

Euronext Dublin Migration Key Milestones and Technical Specifications Update (483 KB)

Euronext Dublin Optiq P-EUA Configuration, Migration Guidelines and Documentation Update (480 KB)

Euronext Dublin Migration Plan Update (482 KB)

MiFID II liquidity providers

Euronext Dublin operates one Liquidity Provider Programme under MiFID II. Firms engaged in algorithmic trading to pursue a market making strategy and meeting the defined criteria set out in MiFID II are required to register and meet the following obligations for all relevant Euronext Dublin securities:

PresenceVolumeBid-Ask Spread
50%No minimum requirement5% max*

During stressed market conditions no maximum bid-ask spread will apply. 

* 5% also constitutes the maximum bid-ask range for the purposes of firms assessing the competitive prices of their orders.

A list of firms signed up to the Liquidity Provider Programme, including the financial instruments covered, is set out below:

Hudson River Trading EuropeRyanair Holdings plcIE00BYTBXV33
Paddy Power Betfair plcIE00BWT6H894
Kingspan Group plcIE0004927939
Bank of Ireland Group plcIE00BD1RP616
Glanbia plcIE0000669501
CRH plcIE0001827041
Kerry Group plcIE0004906560
Smurfit Kappa Group plcIE00B1RR8406

Member Firm Rules

In addition, the Euronext Harmonised Rulebook, which is referenced within the Rules, is available at the following link: https://www.euronext.com/en/regulation/harmonised-rules.

Trading FAQs

Where can I obtain a copy of the securities admitted to trading on Euronext Dublin and their identifiers?

Market Data and Announcements

What are the volatility parameters and safeguards in place on ISE T7?

Volatility interruptions can occur on ISE T7 if the potential execution price deviates considerably from the last order book price or from the last auction price. The volatility allowed is decided on a per instrument basis taking a number of factors into account. However these figures are not disclosed to the market. Further details on the functionality of volatility parameters can be found in the ISE T7 Release 6.1 Market Model

Trading calendar and trading hours

Equity Trading Calendar and Trading Hours 2018 (118 KB)

Other Membership


Niall Gibney, Head of Traded Markets Dublin, Euronext Dublin

Niall Gibney

+353 1 6174272



Conor Miles, Traded Markets Manager Dublin, Euronext

Conor Miles

+353 1 6174215