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ISEQ® Strategic Indices Overview

The suite of ISE indices includes its Benchmark Equity Indices,Strategic Equity Indices and Bond Index Series .

The ISEQ® Strategic Price Indices include:    
The ISEQ® 20 Leveraged Strategy Index and the ISEQ® 20 Capped Strategy.

ISEQ® 20  Leveraged Strategy IndexPriceIE00B2QF4Y48
ISEQ® 20  Capped Strategy IndexPriceIE00B2QF4Z54

ISEQ®20 Capped Strategy Index
The ISEQ®20 Capped Strategy Index contains the same constituents as the ISEQ®20, however it limits constituent weights so that no constituent has a weighting higher than 9% at chaining.

The reduction of the relative weightings of the largest capped stocks in the Index will provide greater diversification across the index, thereby reducing risk of exposure to a concentrated set of stocks.

Cap Limit
On the day of regular quarterly chaining, the weighting of any single company in the ISEQ® 20 Capped Strategy Index is capped to 9 percent of the index capitalisation.
For this purpose, the index capitalisation is computed using the total number of all freely available shares. If any single class of shares accounts for a share of more than 9 percent in the respective capitalisation, the number of shares used as weight for that company is reduced to 9 percent of the index capitalisation (which is being reduced accordingly). This procedure is repeated until all constituent weightings are within the respective cap limit.

Where the capped share of a company falls or rises below or above 9 percent during the quarter, it may only be raised or lowered to 9 percent again on the following chaining date as the above-described procedure is repeated for every single chaining process.

ISEQ®20 Capped Strategy Index Calculation Methodology
The ISEQ®20 Capped Strategy Index follows the same calculation methodology as the ISEQ®20 Index. Click here for ISEQ®20 calculation methodology

ISEQ®20 Leveraged Strategy Index
Based on the ISEQ®20 Price Index, the ISEQ 20® Leveraged Strategy Index is calculated so as to magnify moves in the ISEQ20® Price Index 200%. A positive move in the ISEQ20® Price Index will result in double performance in the ISEQ20® Leveraged Strategy Index and vice versa.

The leveraged effect is managed by the use of borrowed funds that are reinvested in the ISEQ20® Price Index. The investor gets the benefit of a larger investment with a lower initial outlay. It is important to note that the ISEQ20®  Leveraged Strategy Index also inherits the risk of over proportional losses (downside risk)

ISEQ®20 Leveraged Strategy Index Calculation Methodology


 LEV   =  ISEQ20® Leveraged Index
 t   =  Time of calculation
 t-1  =  Close of last day prior to t
 EONIA  =  Overnight Interest Rate
 d  =  Number of calendar days between t and t-1 

 * EONIA (Euro Overnight Index Average )

A measure of the effective interest rate prevailing in the euro interbank overnight market. It is calculated as a weighted average of the interest rates on unsecured overnight lending transactions denominated in euro, as reported by a panel of contributing banks.

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