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ISEQ® Equity Indices

In Q2 2000, the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) and the Deutsche Börse formed an alliance under which the Deutsche Börse provides the ISE with electronic trading facilities for equities. The ISE runs its market on the Irish control segment of the ISE-Xetra® trading platform.

The Deutsche Börse calculates the ISEQ® Index on behalf of the ISE and publishes ISEQ® Index and Equity market data real-time via the Consolidated Exchange Feed (CEF) on all Xetra® trading days over international data vendor services.  

The ISEQ® Price Indices are calculated and published once per minute during the trading day (08:00 - 17:15).  ISEQ® Total Return Indices are calculated and published at the end of the day (17.15).

In addition to vendor services, ISEQ® Index data is published over various other media including (but not limited to):

ISEQ® Bond Indices
The ISEQ® - Bond Index Series is calculated once a day at 16:30 and is published over the following media.

Use of the "ISEQ" trademark is subject to theISEQ® Index Licensing Agreement.

Publication and use of Equity & ISEQ® Index Data is subject to the Market Data Definition Agreement (MDDA)

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