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ISEQ® Benchmark Indices Overview

The suite of ISE indices includes its Benchmark Equity Indices,Strategic Equity Indices and Bond Index Series .

The ISEQ® Benchmark Price Indices include:    
The ISEQ® Overall Index and it's series of sub-indices are the official price indices of the Irish Stock Exchange.

In addition to the ISEQ® Overall Index, the ISE calculates and publishes five additional sub-indices, the ISEQ® Financial Index, the ISEQ® General Index, the ISEQ® 20 Index, the ISEQ® ESM Index and the ISEQ® Small Cap Index.

ISEQ® Overall IndexPriceIE0001477250
ISEQ® Financial IndexPriceIE0000516009
ISEQ® General IndexPriceIE0000506075
ISEQ® 20 IndexPriceIE00B0500264
ISEQ® ESM IndexPriceIE00B2QF5299
ISEQ® Small Cap IndexPriceIE0000506299

ISEQ® Benchmark Index Inclusion Criteria:
“Admission to the ISEQ indices is subject to the approval of the Irish Stock Exchange. New entrants to the market will be eligible for inclusion in the ISEQ indices if they meet the following three criteria:
1. The security included in the calculation of the index is an ordinary share, (or similar security with equivalent rights),
2. The security is admitted to trading on either the Main Securities Market or Enterprise Securities Market.
3. The issuer of the security must:
(a) be incorporated in the Republic of Ireland, or
(b) be incorporated in Northern Ireland, or
(c) have its centre of economic interest in Ireland.
For the avoidance of doubt existing constituents of the ISEQ (of more than two years standing) but whose businesses have developed so that their centre of economic interest could be deemed to be outside Ireland will remain eligible for inclusion within the index, subject to continued compliance with the other relevant ISEQ rules.
Any decision of the ISE on the interpretation of these admission criteria shall be final.”

ISEQ® Benchmark Index Base Date and Value:
The ISEQ® Overall, ISEQ® Financial and ISEQ® General indices are based at 1,000 on January 4, 1988.
The ISEQ® 20 Index is based at 1,000 on December 31 2004.
The ISEQ® Small Cap Index is based at 1,000 on January 4 1999.
The ISEQ® ESM Index is based at 1,000 on December 30 2008.
Historic data for the ISEQ® Overall Index from the beginning of 1983 onwards is available.

ISEQ® Benchmark Index Total Return Indices:
In addition to the ISEQ® Price Indices, the ISE also produces the ISEQ® Total Return Indices. 
Like the ISEQ® Price Index series, the ISEQ® Return Index series is comprised of the ISEQ® Return Overall, and five sub indices; the ISEQ® Return Financial, the ISEQ® Return General, the ISEQ® 20 Return, the ISEQ® Return Small Cap and the ISEQ® Return ESM Index.  The components of the ISEQ® Return indices and the rules for inclusion are the same as for the ISEQ® Price Indices.
The difference between the ISEQ® Price and ISEQ® Return Indices is that in the latter, dividends, gross of tax, are assumed to be reinvested immediately on the day the security is marked ex dividend.  In this way investors can see the "total" return from the market. 
The gross dividends are calculated with reference to the published tax credit attaching.  Details of tax credits, ex dividend dates and actual payment dates are available to the market to allow investors make appropriate adjustments according to their circumstances.
The ISEQ® Return Indices have the same base dates and values as the ISEQ® Price Indices.
Historical performance information for the ISEQ® Return Index is available from the beginning of 1988 onwards.
ISEQ® Benchmark Index Calculation and Publication Frequency:    
The ISEQ® Price Indices are calculated and published once per minute during the trading day (08:00 - 17:15).  ISEQ® Total Return Indices are calculated and published at the end of the day (17.15).


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