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Free-float calculation

Non Free-float (%) =   strategic shareholding + interested party shareholding

                               total number of shares outstanding excl. treasury shares

Free-Float (%)     =          100% - Non Free-float (%)



ExampleIssuer A (Treasury shares)

Issuer B

(No Treasury shares)

Total shares created by company110 
Treasury Shares10 
Total shares listed100100
Strategic holding53
Interested party holding105
Non Free-float158
Free-Float holding8592
Free-Float %85%92%


Example of impact on current ISEQ® weighting


Current weightingFree-floatCalculationFree-Float weighting
2.5%100%= 2.5% X 100%2.5%
0.5%90%= 0.5% X 90%0.45%
2.5%80%= 2.5% X 80%2.0%
0.5%70%= 0.5% X 70%0.35%


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