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Share Prices & Indices - Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently is the data on the website updated?
The website is updated hourly between 8:45 and 18:45, with the final load between 21:00 and 22:30.

Where can I find the Current Trading Calendar?
The current trading calendar can be found here.

How is the Official Closing Price (OCP) determined?
From July 1, 2002, the definition of the Official Closing Price for all instruments traded on ISE-Xetra changed from the Last Traded Price to the price determined during the closing auction.

The trading schedule on ISE Xetra® is as follows:
                   6.30-7.50 Pre-trading
                    7.50-8.00 Opening Auction
                    8.00-16.28 Continuous Trading
                  16.28-16.30 Closing Auction
                  16.30-17.15 Post Trading

Determination follows the following rules:
1. If an instrument is traded in the closing auction the auction price will be the Official Closing Price (with a cut off time of 17.00 for potential extended conclusion of closing auctions).
2. If there are trades during the opening auction or during continuous trading for an instrument on the day, but the instrument does not trade in the closing auction or the closing auction is extended beyond 17.00 , the Last Traded Price previous to 16.30 will be the Official Closing Price.

3. If there are no trades for an instrument on a particular day, the Official Closing Price defaults to the previous day’s Official Closing Price.
This price determination will occur at 17.00 and is published via the Deutsche Börse Consolidated Exchange Feed within 5 minutes of determination for all instruments which have traded on the day.

What is the difference between the Official Closing Price (OCP) and the Last Traded Price (LTP)?
Official Closing Price: As set out above in Official Closing Price determination.
Last Traded Price: The last traded price of the day. This can occur in any of the trading phases and is determined using the latest trade time stamp

How is Turnover, Volume, the Number of Deals calculated?
Total Turnover: The sum total of the consideration (trade volume X trade price) for every valid trade executed on the day, including OTC trades reported during post trading. Both the Buy and Sell side are included.
Total Volume: The sum total of trade volume for every valid trade executed on the day, including OTC trades reported during post trading. Both the Buy and Sell side are included.
Total Number of Deals: The count of every valid trade executed on the day, including OTC trades reported during post trading. Both the Buy and Sell side are included. 

How is the Market Capitalisation calculated?
Market Capitalisation = Total number of shares in issue X Official Closing Price

How are High and Low prices for the day calculated?
Determined per instrument as the Highest / Lowest valid trade price executed on the day, including OTC trades reported during post trading.

What is the ISEQ® Index base date and value?
The ISEQ® Overall, ISEQ® Financial and ISEQ® General indices are based at 1,000 on January 4, 1988.
The ISEQ® Small Cap Index is based at  1,000 on January 4 1999.
The ISEQ® ESM Index is based at 1,000 on December 30th 2008.
The ISEQ® 20 Index is based at 1,000 on December 31st 2004.

More information on the ISEQ® indices can be foundhere.

What Currencies are prices displayed in?
The majority of prices are displayed in Euro, however some prices can be displayed in other currencies.  All price currencies are indicated either at Market level or at Instrument level.Where can I find the Registrars of Equities/Funds?
For Registrars of Equites/Funds please contact Shareprices.

Where can I find current share prices and delisted equity prices?
For current share prices please click here .
For delisted equity prices please contact Shareprices

Where can I find current NAV Prices and historic NAV information?
For current and historic NAV Prices please click here .

Where can I send announcements for listed companies?

For details regarding the processing of announcements for filing and/or publication please go to

All announcements published by the Irish Stock Exchange are processed via an approved Regulatory Information Service. To view real time Company Announcements click here.

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