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Company Instrument name Shares in Issue *
ABBEY PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 21,525,578
AER LINGUS GROUP PLC Ordinary Shares 534,040,090
ALLIED IRISH BANKS PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 523,438,445,437
AMINEX PLC Ordinary Shares 1,847,279,210
ARYZTA AG Registered Shares 88,037,675
BANK OF IRELAND NCP StkSrs A STG1 & STG9 Liq 1,876,090
BANK OF IRELAND NC. Euro Preference Stock Eur1.27 3,026,598
BANK OF IRELAND Ord Stock 32,363,275,073
C&C GROUP PLC Ordinary Shares of Eur 0.01 347,801,597
CONROY GOLD & NATURAL RESOURCES PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 351,999,972
CPL RESOURCES PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 30,545,159
CRH PLC 7% A Cum Pref 872,000
CRH PLC Ordinary Shares 739,335,836
CRH PLC 5% Cum Pref 50,000
DALATA HOTEL GROUP PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 122,000,000
DATALEX PLC Ordinary Shares 74,040,000
DIAGEO PLC Ordinary Shares 2,510,962,286
DONEGAL INVESTMENT GROUP PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 10,265,979
DRAGON OIL PLC Ordinary Shares 491,705,394
FALCON OIL & GAS LTD - ESM Common Shares of no par value 921,537,517
FASTNET OIL & GAS PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 345,369,071
FBD HOLDINGS PLC Ordinary Shares 34,648,122
FIRST DERIVATIVES PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 20,315,276
FYFFES PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 297,659,807
GAMEACCOUNT NETWORK PLC - ESM Ordinary Shares 56,701,286
GLANBIA PLC Ordinary Shares 295,645,684
GREEN REIT PLC Ordinary Shares 666,969,696
HIBERNIA REIT PLC Ordinary Shares 385,000,000
IFG GROUP PLC Ordinary Shares 104,507,665
* excluding treasury shares

ESM is a market designed primarily for small to mid-sized companies to which a higher investment risk tends to be attached than to larger or more established companies. Securities admitted to ESM are subject to the ESM Rules and not the Listing Rules for officially listed companies.

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