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BANK OF IRELAND -  Ord Stock . ISIN:  IE0030606259   SEDOL:  3060625

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Equity Price Data Official Closing Price - 0.2610
Hour CCY Price Change on Prev Day Change (%) on Prev Day
  EUR 24/7/2014
10:30 EUR 0.2600 0.0020 0.7752%
12:30 EUR 0.2610 0.0030 1.1628%
16:30 EUR 0.2610 0.0030 1.1628%
17:30 EUR 0.2610 0.0030 1.1628%
From: 26/7/2013 To: 26/7/2014

* Traded prices are used for graphing purposes. Price trends are affected by corporate actions such as share splits, rights issues and consolidations, etc. Further details of ISE company corporate actions can be found in the Company announcement section or on an individual company basis by clicking above.

Date: 25/07/2014
Time: 21:00
Last Traded Price: 0.2610
Last Traded Date: 25/07/2014
Official Closing Price: 0.2610
Official Closing Price Date: 25/07/2014
Daily High: 0.2660
Daily Low: 0.2560
Bid: 0.2600
Offer: 0.2620
ISEQ® Weighting: 9.1%
Market Capitalisation: 8,446,814,794
Freefloat Market Cap: 5,601,082,890
Shares in Issue: * 32,363,275,073
FreeFloat: 66.31%
Turnover: 56,358,056
Shares Traded on Day: 214,821,746
30 Day Beta Coefficient: 1.9434
250 day Beta Coefficient: 1.6967
Ex-Dividend: No
Ex-Rights Issue: No
Ex-Capitalisation Issue: No
Ex-Entitlement Issue: No
Number of Deals: 1,370
ISEQ® 20 Freefloat: 66.31%
ISEQ® 20 Shares in Index: 32,363,275,073
ISEQ® 20 Price: 0.2610
ISEQ® 20 Weighting: 10.0%
ISEQ® 20 Market Cap: 5,601,080,000
Shares held by ISEQ® 20 Fund Manager: 351,191
ISEQ® 20 Last Chaining Date: 16/09/2005
ISIN Code: IE0030606259
SEDOL Code: 3060625
Xetra Name: Bank of Ireland
Security Type: Ordinary Share
ISEQ® Overall Yes
ISEQ® Financial Yes
ISEQ® General No
ISEQ® Small Cap No
ISEQ® 20 Yes
Primary Market: Dual
Market Type: MSM
Listing Date: 23/07/2001
Unit Of Quotation: 0.05
Unit of Quotation Currency: EUR
Price Currency: EUR
Last Ex-Dividend Date: 28/05/2008
Status: Listed

ESM is a market designed primarily for small to mid-sized companies to which a higher investment risk tends to be attached than to larger or more established companies. Securities admitted to ESM are subject to the ESM Rules and not the Listing Rules for officially listed companies.

* excluding treasury shares
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