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Release 12

Release 12.0 was successfully implemented on Monday, 28th November 2011.

The release provided the following functional and technical enhancements to ISE Xetra®:

  • Introduction of the FIX interface: Supporting FIX versions 4.2 and 4.4, the FIX interface offers two areas of application: Order management; and receipt of trade confirmations at member firm level.
  • Implementation of a new market data interface: Distribution of order book information in multicast format, aggregated and netted on price level. The interface for netted market data uses FIX via FAST with low requirements for bandwidth.
  • ETS and EnBS: Trade confirmations at member firm level and the entry of OTC transactions were introduced for ETS. Full instrument master data is provided via the EnBS.
  • TOP: A new order execution condition which ensures that the order is accepted only when it will be placed at the top of the order book or immediately executed against a hidden order.
  • Cross Request: Enables firms to inform other market participants of their intention to cross own orders on the order book. Other members may then enter orders to cross against these orders.

Further details on the above Release 12.0 enhancements are available in the Release Description.

The permanent simulation environment has been converted to Release 13.0 in preperation for the new release, however the advanced simulation environment is still available with full Release 12.0 functionality,enabling member firms to fully test in a production-like environment. The calendar for the advanced simulation environment is available below.

2nd July 2012: Optional Extension for ETS and FIX Interfaces

On 2nd July 2012, Deutsche Börse implemented an optional extension for the ETS and FIX interfaces. This extension was primarily to support members of Xetra Frankfurt using the new order types, Trailing Stop Order and One-Cancels-Other Order, available on Xetra Frankfurt and  Xetra Frankfurt 2 only.  

No change was made to ISE Xetra functionality or to the VALUES API or J-Trader.

Please e-mail if you have any questions regarding this implementation or would like to request documentation relating to Release 12.0.

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