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Membership and Trading

Trade Reporting

The ISE offers a complete trade reporting service that includes all securities admitted to the ISE’s markets and also the full spectrum of MiFID shares.

Off order book trades

ISE Xetra® enables member firms to report trades in order book securities that are executed off order book and under the Rules of the ISE.

The trade reporting functionality is fully compliant with MiFID, and offers traders:

  • One-sided entry
  • Deferred publication of block trades
  • All MiFID indicators
  • Additional trade flags
  • Up to 4 decimal places
  • Flat trade reporting fee of €0.05.

All trade reports (unless subject to delayed publication) are published to the market immediately over the CEF® (Consolidated Exchange Feed).

MiFID Trade Reporting

ISE Xetra® also provides a MiFID compliant reporting service which both member firms and non- member firms can use to report trades in shares admitted to any EU regulated market. The ISE Post Trade Transparency Service offers the following benefits:

  • Fully MiFID compliant
  • Instant publication of trades via the CEF
  • Full scope of MiFID shares
  • Ability to delay publication (in accordance with MiFID)
  • Available to non-member firms
  • Flat trade reporting fee of €0.05
  • End-of-day compliance report
  • Available 7.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. CET
  • Data quality assurance

Irish Government Bonds

All primary dealers are required to submit a daily report of trades in Irish Government Bond and Treasury Bills to the ISE. This service is also available for other member firms that have been approved to trade on the ISE in Irish Government Bonds.

Other ISE Securities

The ISE also facilitates member firms trade report in any non-order book ISE security. Please see the Market Parameters document for further information.

Further Information

Further information on all trade reporting services is available in the Market Parameters document.

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