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Company Registrars

It is the responsibility of the Company Registrar to maintain the register of shareholders in a company. The register has details of the name, address, number of securities held and date of transfer for each individual or entity holding a particular security. The company Registrar usually has an electronic link to the relevant settlement system of a particular security to ensure that when securities are bought and sold that the company's register of shareholders is updated on a timely basis. For public limited companies listed on the ISE, the role of the company Registrar is frequently outsourced to a third party which would have an electronic link to the relevant settlement system of the ISE - CREST and Euroclear. The company Registrar will normally deal with the following matters:  

  • dividend payments
  • dividend mandate instructions
  • loss of share certificates, dividend cheques, tax vouchers
  • notification of change of address
  • transfer of shares. 
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