GEM lists US$379m green bond from Celeo Redes Operación Chile S.A.

Celeo Redes Operación Chile S.A., which provides energy services in Chile, has listed US$379m 5.2% Series A senior secured notes due 2047 on the Global Exchange Market (GEM) of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE).

About Celeo Redes Operación Chile S.A

Celeo Redes Operación Chile S.A., which is headquartered in Santiago, operates and maintains the third largest power transmission system in Chile. Through its subsidiaries, it is responsible for operating and maintaining power transmission lines in the National Transmission System in order to reliably transmit power to Chile’s inhabitants and its production sector.

Chilean issuers with debt listed on the ISE

Celeo Redes Operación Chile S.A. joins other Chilean issuers including Banco Santander Chile, Falabella and Geopark on the ISE’s markets.

List debt on the ISE



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