Irish Government Bonds

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - Treasury Bill 17.12.2018
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Sedol Code BDHDPS5
Security Type Treasury Bill
Market Type MSM
Price Currency EUR
Domicile Ireland
Listing Date 14/12/2017
Redemption Date 17/12/2018
Status Listed
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Date: 23/03/2018
Open Price: 100.448
Close Price: 100.448
Daily High: 100.448
Daily Low: 100.448
Daily Volume: 0.00
Daily Turnover: 0.00
Market capitalisation: 0
Amount Listed: 0
Ex-Dividend: No
Last Trade Date: 13/03/2018
Yield To Maturity: 0
Turnover generally represents off exchange trades, however executed, in Irish Government bonds submitted to the ISE at end of day by Primary Dealers. On exchange trades (if any) are included and also published separately by the ISE

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