On 27 March 2018 Euronext completed its acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). The ISE has joined Euronext’s federal model and now operates under the trading name Euronext Dublin. Press release link. The content on this website will be updated in due course.


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Company Instrument name CCY Price Closing price prev day Diff on prev day Diff (%) on prev day
C&C GROUP PLC Ordinary Shares of Eur 0.01 EUR 2.9300 3.0900 -0.1600 -5.18%
CAIRN HOMES PLC Ordinary Shares EUR 1.7600 1.7700 -0.0100 -0.57%
CPL RESOURCES PLC. Ordinary Shares EUR 6.0000 6.0000 0.0000 0.00%
CRH PLC 7% A Cum Pref EUR 1.0500 1.0500 0.0000 0.00%
CRH PLC 5% Cum Pref EUR 1.0000 1.0000 0.0000 0.00%
CRH PLC Ordinary Shares EUR 31.2900 31.3700 -0.0800 -0.26%

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Gareth O'Neill, Market Services Manager at the Irish Stock Exchange, Dublin

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