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Date Company name Headline Release Time
07/07/2015 UBS AG (EPT) Form 38.5a 10:06
06/07/2015 UBS AG (EPT) Form 38.5a 10:39
03/07/2015 UBS AG (EPT) Form 38.5a 08:41
01/07/2015 UBS (Irl) ETF PLC Change of name of sub-funds 17:38
01/07/2015 UBS ETF SICAV Change of name of the sub-funds 17:35
01/07/2015 UDG Healthcare Plc Blocklisting Interim Review 17:11
01/07/2015 UBM plc Blocklisting - 6 Monthly Return 15:30
01/07/2015 UBM plc Total Voting Rights 14:24
01/07/2015 UBS AG (EPT) Form 38.5a 10:09
30/06/2015 UDG Healthcare Plc Total Voting Rights 15:58

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