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Why list?

The ISE is a global leader to list investment funds and has achieved its leading position because it has a number of key strengths. 

  • A listing increases a fund’s potential investor base.
    Legal or regulatory constraints may mean that certain investors are either restricted or prohibited from investing in unlisted securities or securities which are not listed on a recognised, regulated stock exchange. Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange enables a fund to market to these investors and may make the fund an eligible investment for particular pension schemes, as well as providing tax benefits and reducing regulatory constraints in some countries.
  • Investors mark their fund investment to market and provides publicly available information for investors.
    Many fund investors require a publicly quoted stock exchange price for their investments.  All NAVs notified and announcements made by listed funds are reported through the Irish Stock Exchange information dissemination system and they are also carried by major data vendors and appear on the ISE website.
  • Reputation  The ISE is a long established, well regulated and reputable European stock exchange. Prudent regulation provides a listed fund with the credibility and profile, which are valuable tools in marketing a fund to worldwide investors.
  • Recognition  The ISE has been recognised by  the market authorities in many jurisdictions including Japan and the United States. This significantly expands the potential investor base for listed funds.
  • Experience  We have been listing investment funds since 1989 and currently list in excess of 300 new funds and subfunds each year. We have extensive experience of many types of investment vehicles, structures and products.  We have listed hedge funds, feeder funds, multi-manager funds, property funds and venture capital funds, covering a vast array of investment strategies.
  • Specialist Knowledge  We have a team of experienced listing personnel specialising in the investment fund sector which ensures a consistent and pragmatic approach to the documentation required for listing.
  • Specialist Rules  We have specific, commercially driven, listing requirements. Our rules are designed to accommodate both retail and institutional investors, and to provide comfort to existing and potential unitholders with rules that are appropriate to their investment. 
  • Flexibility  Our experience has allowed us to recognise and appreciate the commercial reality and evolving nature of the funds sector, we are constantly reviewing, amending and adapting our rules to facilitate new fund structures and products.
  • Efficiency  We commit, and ensure adherence to, strict turnaround times on all documents submitted to us (i.e. 5 business days  for a first draft and two business days for subsequent drafts). A fast-track service is available for an additional fee whereby turnaround times are halved.
  • Costs  The listing fees are competitive with or more attractive than, those of other listing centres.

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