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Close test Monthly Dividend U.S. Preferred Securities Fund 1
     Units Sedol: 3397679 ISIN: IE0033976790
Close test International Financial Services Growth Fund 1
     Distributing Units Sedol: B95NPL2 ISIN: IE00B95NPL22
     Participating Redeemable Shares Sedol: B1G6R74 ISIN:
Close test Deutsche Managed Dollar Fund 5
     Platinum Shares Sedol: 0855385 ISIN: IE0008553855
     Advisory Shares Sedol: 0855404 ISIN: IE0008554044
     , Institutional Shares Sedol: 0855426 ISIN: IE0008554267
     Investor Shares Sedol: 3080065 ISIN: IE0030800654
     Accumulate Shares Sedol: B5N2XQ4 ISIN: IE00B5N2XQ43
Close test Deutsche Managed Euro Fund 5
     Platinum Shares Sedol: 0864303 ISIN: IE0008643037
     Advisory Shares Sedol: 0864325 ISIN: IE0008643250
     Institutional Shares Sedol: 0864347 ISIN: IE0008643474
     Investor Shares Sedol: 3080076 ISIN: IE0030800761
     Accumulate Shares Sedol: B5QH5S2 ISIN: IE00B5QH5S28
Close test Deutsche Managed Sterling Fund 5
     Advisory Shares Sedol: 0870742 ISIN: IE0008707428
     Institutional Shares Sedol: 0872027 ISIN: IE0008720272
     Investor Shares Sedol: 3080087 ISIN: IE0030800878
     Accumulate Shares Sedol: B60K2F0 ISIN: IE00B60K2F03
     Platinum Shares Sedol: B4QC9X3 ISIN: IE00B4QC9X39
Close test The Balanced Real Return Fund 1
     Class A Shares Sedol: B063QJ3 ISIN: IE00B063QJ37
Close test The Conservative Real Return Fund 1
     Class A Shares Sedol: B063QK4 ISIN: IE00B063QK42
Close test The Distribution Real Return Fund 1
     Class A Shares Sedol: B063QL5 ISIN: IE00B063QL58
Close test The Tactical Real Return Fund 1
     Class A Shares Sedol: B0SYHT1 ISIN: IE00B0SYHT14
Close test The Cautious Return Fund 2
     Class A Shares Sedol: B0SYHV3 ISIN: IE00B0SYHV36
     Class B Shares Sedol: B4KXJ98 ISIN: IE00B4KXJ986
     Class A Shares Sedol: B01NK30 ISIN:
     Class B Shares Sedol: B01NK96 ISIN:
     Class C Shares Sedol: B0QJWG0 ISIN:
     Class A Shares Sedol: B02LD89 ISIN:
     Class B Shares Sedol: B02LDB2 ISIN:
     Class A Participating Shares Sedol: 3425321 ISIN:
     Class B Participating Shares Sedol: 3425332 ISIN:
     Class C Participating Shares Sedol: B29H4S1 ISIN:
     Class D Participating Shares Sedol: B29H4T2 ISIN:
Close test Emerging Markets Targeted Value Fund 4
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6DN6 ISIN: IE00B1W6DN61
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6DP8 ISIN: IE00B1W6DP85
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B1W6DQ9 ISIN: IE00B1W6DQ92
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6DR0 ISIN: IE00B1W6DR00
Close   DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC     21 104
Close test Pacific Basin Small Companies Fund 5
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3414040 ISIN: IE0034140404
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3414051 ISIN: IE0034140511
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B05PYV8 ISIN: IE00B05PYV83
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0701D2 ISIN: IE00B0701D24
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3RKMY1 ISIN: IE00B3RKMY14
Close test European Small Companies Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3098228 ISIN: IE0030982288
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3276905 ISIN: IE0032769055
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B05PYQ3 ISIN: IE00B05PYQ31
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B070187 ISIN: IE00B0701870
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B665FN8 ISIN: IE00B665FN85
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B65J1M2 ISIN: IE00B65J1M22
Close test U.S. Small Companies Fund 5
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3098217 ISIN: IE0030982171
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3276897 ISIN: IE0032768974
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B05PYS5 ISIN: IE00B05PYS54
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0701B0 ISIN: IE00B0701B00
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B68NBZ4 ISIN: IE00B68NBZ41
Close test Global Short Fixed Income Fund 11
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3098262 ISIN: IE0030982627
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: 3171947 ISIN: IE0031719473
     NOK Distributing Shares Sedol: B2447X3 ISIN: IE00B2447X33
     CHF Distributing Shares Sedol: B3WGLP8 ISIN: IE00B3WGLP80
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B05PYX0 ISIN: IE00B05PYX08
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0701G5 ISIN: IE00B0701G54
     SEK Distributing Shares Sedol: B4QKY09 ISIN: IE00B4QKY096
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3S6T36 ISIN: IE00B3S6T365
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3QL0Y1 ISIN: IE00B3QL0Y14
     JPY Accumulation Shares Sedol: BGLC7S3 ISIN: IE00BGLC7S32
     JPY Distributing Shares Sedol: BKX45R0 ISIN: IE00BKX45R04
Close test Emerging Markets Value Fund 7
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0HCGS8 ISIN: IE00B0HCGS80
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0HCGV1 ISIN: IE00B0HCGV10
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B0HCGW2 ISIN: IE00B0HCGW27
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B0HCGX3 ISIN: IE00B0HCGX34
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B42THM3 ISIN: IE00B42THM37
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3WX3B9 ISIN: IE00B3WX3B94
     JPY Distributing Shares Sedol: BMBN2Z0 ISIN: IE00BMBN2Z00
Close test Global Ultra Short Fixed Income Fund 4
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B64G481 ISIN: IE00B64G4818
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B64G492 ISIN: IE00B64G4925
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: BKX45X6 ISIN: IE00BKX45X63
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: BKX45Y7 ISIN: IE00BKX45Y70
Close test Global Core Equity Fund 9
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC015 ISIN: IE00B2PC0153
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC026 ISIN: IE00B2PC0260
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B2PC037 ISIN: IE00B2PC0377
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC048 ISIN: IE00B2PC0484
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3SMQQ6 ISIN: IE00B3SMQQ66
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3M0BZ0 ISIN: IE00B3M0BZ05
     EUR Accumulation DR Shares Sedol: B8K6JQ2 ISIN: IE00B8K6JQ21
     GBP Accumulation DR Shares Sedol: B86K5H1 ISIN: IE00B86K5H11
     JPY Distributing Shares Sedol: BMBN2V6 ISIN: IE00BMBN2V61
Close test Global Targeted Value Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC060 ISIN: IE00B2PC0609
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC071 ISIN: IE00B2PC0716
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B2PC082 ISIN: IE00B2PC0823
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2PC093 ISIN: IE00B2PC0930
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B640PD5 ISIN: IE00B640PD51
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B689710 ISIN: IE00B6897102
Close test Pacific Basin Value Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2446N6 ISIN: IE00B2446N69
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2446P8 ISIN: IE00B2446P83
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B2446Q9 ISIN: IE00B2446Q90
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B2446R0 ISIN: IE00B2446R08
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3XMM18 ISIN: IE00B3XMM186
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B44YPT9 ISIN: IE00B44YPT98
Close test European Value Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6CV7 ISIN: IE00B1W6CV70
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6CW8 ISIN: IE00B1W6CW87
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B1W6CX9 ISIN: IE00B1W6CX94
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B1W6CY0 ISIN: IE00B1W6CY02
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B3LCJT7 ISIN: IE00B3LCJT79
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3NHP92 ISIN: IE00B3NHP925
Close test Euro Ultra Short Fixed Income Fund 4
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B4NL450 ISIN: IE00B4NL4501
     SEK Distributing Shares Sedol: B4QSRJ3 ISIN: IE00B4QSRJ36
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3T51D6 ISIN: IE00B3T51D64
     CHF Distributing Shares Sedol: B767SP4 ISIN: IE00B767SP44
Close test Global Small Companies Fund 5
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B3MRDK0 ISIN: IE00B3MRDK01
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B67WB63 ISIN: IE00B67WB637
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B3TGGL2 ISIN: IE00B3TGGL29
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B67QQ26 ISIN: IE00B67QQ264
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3XNN52 ISIN: IE00B3XNN521
Close test Euro Inflation Linked Long Duration Fixed Income Fund 2
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B64RWD5 ISIN: IE00B64RWD59
     EUR Accumulation DR Shares Sedol: B631VN1 ISIN: IE00B631VN11
Close test Euro Inflation Linked Intermediate Duration Fixed Income Fund 3
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B3N38C4 ISIN: IE00B3N38C44
     EUR Accumulation DR Shares Sedol: B5T8VX9 ISIN: IE00B5T8VX96
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B3LNHS5 ISIN: IE00B3LNHS53
Close test Sterling Inflation Linked Long Duration Fixed Income Fund 2
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B72T9K6 ISIN: IE00B72T9K62
     GBP Accumulation DR Shares Sedol: B635LB1 ISIN: IE00B635LB13
Close test Sterling Inflation Linked Intermediate Duration Fixed Income Fund 3
     GBP Accumulation Shares. Sedol: B3PVQJ9 ISIN: IE00B3PVQJ91
     GBP Accumulation DR Shares. Sedol: B3LLB65 ISIN: IE00B3LLB657
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B3YST25 ISIN: IE00B3YST251
Close test Multi-Factor Conservative Fund 2
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B56FVB1 ISIN: IE00B56FVB15
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B5KL2L2 ISIN: IE00B5KL2L23
Close test Multi-Factor Balanced Fund 2
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B416SD3 ISIN: IE00B416SD35
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B44MYD0 ISIN: IE00B44MYD08
Close test Multi-Factor Equity Fund 4
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B4MJ5D0 ISIN: IE00B4MJ5D07
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B53RD36 ISIN: IE00B53RD369
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B3Z8MM5 ISIN: IE00B3Z8MM50
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B5SRBK4 ISIN: IE00B5SRBK47
Close test Global Sustainability Core Equity Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: B8DMPF8 ISIN: IE00B8DMPF88
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: B60T428 ISIN: IE00B60T4288
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: B7T1D25 ISIN: IE00B7T1D258
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: B8N2Z92 ISIN: IE00B8N2Z924
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: B7YBX08 ISIN: IE00B7YBX086
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: B8CJRF4 ISIN: IE00B8CJRF41
Close test Global Short-Term Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund 6
     USD Accumulation Shares Sedol: BFG1R00 ISIN: IE00BFG1R007
     USD Distributing Shares Sedol: BFG1R11 ISIN: IE00BFG1R114
     EUR Accumulation Shares Sedol: BFG1R33 ISIN: IE00BFG1R338
     EUR Distributing Shares Sedol: BFG1R44 ISIN: IE00BFG1R445
     GBP Accumulation Shares Sedol: BFG1R55 ISIN: IE00BFG1R551
     GBP Distributing Shares Sedol: BFG1R66 ISIN: IE00BFG1R668
     US Dollar Class 1 Shares Sedol: 3269712 ISIN: IE0032697124
     Euro Class 1 Shares Sedol: 3269808 ISIN: IE0032698080
     Euro Class 2 Shares - Series 2 Sedol: B1CH1S0 ISIN: IE00B1CH1S05
     EURO Class EUR25m PLUS Shares Sedol: B1XFB49 ISIN: IE00B1XFB492
     Euro Class 2 Shares - Series 3 2008 Sedol: B2R52W7 ISIN: IE00B2R52W71
     GBP Class £22.5m+ Series 1 Sedol: B3T8VT1 ISIN: IE00B3T8VT14
     GBP Class 1 Series 1 (2010) Sedol: B3P7F45 ISIN: IE00B3P7F456
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 4 (2011) Q2 Sedol: B68WXH7 ISIN: IE00B68WXH79
     EUR Class 2 Series 5 (2011) Q2 Sedol: B65MWC8 ISIN: IE00B65MWC88
     EUR Class 2 Series 6 (2011) Q2 Sedol: B65V689 ISIN: IE00B65V6896
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 7 (2011) Q2 Sedol: B3WZFG4 ISIN: IE00B3WZFG45
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 8 (2011) Q2 Sedol: B538MK9 ISIN: IE00B538MK92
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 12 (2011) Q2. Sedol: B6T5V04 ISIN: IE00B6T5V047
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 9 (2011) Q3 Sedol: B6VBKZ8 ISIN: IE00B6VBKZ82
     AUD Class 1 Shares Sedol: BBPRDD6 ISIN: IE00BBPRDD65
     AUD Class A$35.5m+ Shares Sedol: BBPRDF8 ISIN: IE00BBPRDF89
     Euro Class 2 Shares Series 10 (2014) Q1 Sedol: BJ2RZN9 ISIN: IE00BJ2RZN90
     GBP Class £22.5m+ Series 2(2014) Q1 Sedol: BJZ2G72 ISIN: IE00BJZ2G720
     AUD Class $35.5m+ Series 2 (2014) Q1 Sedol: BJZ2G83 ISIN: IE00BJZ2G837
     EUR Class 1 Series 2 (2014) Q1 Sedol: BJFLL63 ISIN: IE00BJFLL638
     Euro Class 2 Series 11 (2014)Q1 Sedol: BJZ2V66 ISIN: IE00BJZ2V661
     Euro Class 2 Series 13 (2014)Q1 Sedol: BKGR4B3 ISIN: IE00BKGR4B34
     AUD Class $35.5M+ Series 3 (2014)Q1 Sedol: BKJB1G6 ISIN: IE00BKJB1G63
     Euro Class 1 Series 3 (2014)Q1 Sedol: BKX4655 ISIN: IE00BKX46556
     AUD Class A 35.5M+ Series 4 (2014) Q1 Sedol: BLM77N7 ISIN: IE00BLM77N76
     Euro Class 1 Series 4 (2014) Q2 Sedol: BLT1YG4 ISIN: IE00BLT1YG48
     Euro Class 2 Series 14 (2014) Q2 Sedol: BLT1YH5 ISIN: IE00BLT1YH54
     Euro Class 2 Series 15(2014) Q2 Sedol: BN79N34 ISIN: IE00BN79N347
     Euro Class €25m+ Series 2 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNCBLY2 ISIN: IE00BNCBLY28
     Euro Class 1 Series 6 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNCBLZ3 ISIN: IE00BNCBLZ35
     Euro Class 2 Series 17 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNY8BW9 ISIN: IE00BNY8BW93
     Euro Class 1 Series 8 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNY8BX0 ISIN: IE00BNY8BX01
     AUD Class 35.5m+ Series 5 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNY8BY1 ISIN: IE00BNY8BY18
     Euro Class 2 Series 16 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNY7TC2 ISIN: IE00BNY7TC23
     Euro Class 1 Series 7 (2014)Q2 Sedol: BNY7TD3 ISIN: IE00BNY7TD30
     Euro Class 1 Series 9 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BP4JQY3 ISIN: IE00BP4JQY36
     AUD Class 35.5m+ Series 6 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BPBG8G3 ISIN: IE00BPBG8G38
     Euro Class 1 Series 10 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BPZ58H7 ISIN: IE00BPZ58H78
     Euro Class 2 Series 18 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BPZ58J9 ISIN: IE00BPZ58J92
     Euro Class 1 Series 11 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BQ3FGP0 ISIN: IE00BQ3FGP08
     Euro Class 2 Series 19 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BQ3FGQ1 ISIN: IE00BQ3FGQ15
     Euro Class 2 Series 20 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BQ13Z26 ISIN: IE00BQ13Z269
     AUD Class 35.5m+ Series 7 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BQQFD90 ISIN: IE00BQQFD902
     Euro Class 1 Series 12 (2014) Q3 Sedol: BQQFDB2 ISIN: IE00BQQFDB22
Close test Diversified Dynamic Solution 4
     Class A Shares Sedol: B4Y8C56 ISIN: IE00B4Y8C566
     Class C Shares Sedol: B56ZH57 ISIN: IE00B56ZH572
     Class E Shares Sedol: B58JGN8 ISIN: IE00B58JGN89
     Class G Shares Sedol: B4N7TW0 ISIN: IE00B4N7TW07
     Shares Sedol: B1FHXT2 ISIN:
     Initial Shares Sedol: 3234992 ISIN:
     May 2011 Series Sedol: B54Y507 ISIN:
     June 2011 Series Sedol: B4TZQ94 ISIN:
     August 2011 Series Sedol: B5VNBP4 ISIN:
     September 2011 Series Sedol: B77B4T1 ISIN:
     December 2011 Series Sedol: B6XHP59 ISIN:
     March 2012 Series Sedol: B89X663 ISIN:
     Jan 2013 Series Sedol: B9NWN40 ISIN:
     March 2013 Series Sedol: B9D9YB5 ISIN:
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