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How to List?

How to List?

This information provides an introduction only to the listing of investment funds on the ISE. The Publicationssection of this website contains complete information.

1  Appoint a sponsor. An authorised sponsor must be appointed by the applicant. The sponsor is responsible for dealing with the ISE on all matters in relation to the application and for ensuring the applicant’s suitability for listing prior to any submission to the ISE. A current list of authorised sponsors is available here.

2  Comply with the ISE conditions for listing. Every applicant and its sponsor must be satisfied that it can meet all the conditions for listing prior to applying to the ISE. The ISE should be consulted in advance in the case of any uncertainty. A summary of the main conditions for listing can be found here.

3.  Submit draft listing particulars to the ISE for approval. An applicant must submit through its sponsor a draft listing particulars for review and comment by the ISE. This document may also be the prospectus which is used to promote the applicant. The ISE requires specific disclosures to be included in the listing particulars (see Document Content for a summary) which must also demonstrate compliance with the ISE’s conditions for listing.

4.  Approval of listing particulars and submission of final documents.
Once approved by the ISE, the listing particulars, along with the sponsors and directors declaration forms, must be signed off by the directors and sponsor and submitted to the ISE by Close of Business on the day before the applicant is due to list.

5. Listing. Once shares or units in the applicant are issued, the listing will proceed on the day requested by the listing sponsor.


6. Fees. An application fee and an annual fee must be paid to the ISE prior to admission to listing.  Details of fees can be found here.

7. Ongoing Obligations. A listed fund must continue to comply with the conditions for listing and must comply with the ongoing obligations of the ISE.

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