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How quickly can I achieve a listing?
The standard turnaround time for documents submitted to the ISE is 5 days for an initial submission and 2 days for subsequent redrafts.
The ISE also offers a fast-track service for an additional fee whereby an initial submission is turned around in 2.5 days and redraft in 1 day. This is to facilitate urgent listings.

Can a list of all hedge funds listed on the ISE be provided?
As there is no universally accepted definition of a “hedge fund” the ISE cannot provide such a list. However a list of all funds currently listed is available on this website under  Individual Fund Data.

Once listed, how do I notify the ISE of a Net Asset Value?
NAV’s should be emailed to: or alternatively to The AutoNAV service is easy to use and updates your NAV information directly to the ISE website  Once the listed security's identifiers have been certified by the AutoNAV system your information will be displayed immediately thereafter, no manual input is required. For more information on the AutoNAV service please email

Must a fund be registered or domiciled in the European Union to be suitable for listing?
No. The ISE has listed funds which are registered or domiciled in almost every established funds centre in the world.

Must a fund be supervised by a regulatory body to be suitable for listing?
No. However, a fund which is not subject to regulation within the EU, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Bermuda or Hong Kong, must be confined to sophisticated investors, (i.e. have a minimum subscription of US$100,000).

What legal structures can be listed?
A fund may be either open or closed–ended. A fund may be a company, unit trust, limited partnership or other legal entity with limited liability. Note closed-ended funds must be approved under under the Prospectus Directive by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Are there specific requirements for certain types of funds?
In order to facilitate the commercial reality of the funds industry, the ISE has developed specific requirements to facilitate feeder funds, futures funds, hedge funds, property funds, venture capital funds and index tracker funds.

Are there restrictions on the types of investments which a fund can make?
Other than complying with the requirements for risk spreading (a summary of these is contained in Listing Conditions), a listed fund is free to invest in any type of investment. Direct investment in real property and commodities is, however, restricted.

May a fund borrow or leverage?
The ISE has no restriction on the amount which a fund may borrow or leverage provided that the fund’s policy in this area is clear, the limits (if any) are described in the listing document and all risks associated with such borrowing/leverage are fully disclosed.

Does a fund have to be established for a particular period before it can list?
No. Newly established funds may be listed.

Are funds which are registered and domiciled in Ireland treated differently?
Yes. While the ISE applies its requirements consistently to all funds, our policy requirements are streamlined to facilitate the smooth listing of funds which are registered with and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Can a listed fund restrict the transfer of its shares/units in certain instances?
In principle, listed shares/units must be freely transferable. However, the ISE accepts the necessity to restrict transfers where the holding of such shares may result in regulatory, pecuniary, legal, taxation or material administrative disadvantage for the fund or its share/unitholders as a whole. In addition, the ISE accepts a restriction on transfer to retain a minimum holding per share/unitholder.

If you have any other general queries relating to listing a fund on the ISE please e-mail your query to:

If you have any queries relating to a particular fund please contact the Listing Sponsor for that fund. The contact details for each sponsor are available on this website under  Authorised Sponsors

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