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Document Content

This provides a summary only of the main disclosure requirements of a listing particulars submitted to the ISE for listing. The Funds Publications section contains the complete set of suitability conditions and disclosure requirements.

  • Details on the directors’ executive experience;
  • Directors' statement of responsibility for the document;
  • Details of the service providers;
  • A statement setting out what share class(es) or unit(s) form part of the  application;
  • Details of a proposed listing date;
  • Information relevant to any offer that is being made, and rights and provisions relating to  the units and their valuation, conversion, transfer and redemption; 
  • Details on the applicant’s legal form, regulation and capital structure;
  • A description of the investment objectives and policy and a statement of the provisions and procedures by which they may be changed.
  • Disclosure of all material risks;
  • A description of the investment restrictions under which the applicant will operate
  • Details on the investment manager, custodian, sub-custodians and advisers
  • A summary of the provisions of all material contracts;
  • Interests of the directors in service contracts, capital, loans or transactions;
  • Details of the investment manager’s holding in the applicant, if any; and
  • Where an applicant has not commenced to trade - a statement to this effect,
  • Where trading has begun, specific audited financial information and a ‘no material change’ statement;
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