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Circular General Requirements

Class 1 Acquisition Circular

Class 1 Disposal Circular

Related Party Transaction

Conditions for Listing

Dual Primary Listing

ISE Listing Only

Mineral Company

Scientific Research Based Company


Class 2 Transaction


Completing checklists

1. Please complete the summary at the top of the checklist;

2. When completing the checklist, please use the following options:

  • page reference - should correspond with the annotations on the document;
  • N/A - if an item is either non-applicable or there is no information to be disclosed within the document at this point;
  • Variation - if a derogation is sought for an item; and
  • N/R - if an item is not relevant (please set out in the "comments" section why).

3. Please add brief comments in the "comments" section, if appropriate.


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