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Listing on MSM

An issuer that has, or is seeking to have, its debt securities admitted to listing and trading on the Main Securities Market (MSM) of the Irish Stock Exchange is required to comply with the:

The ISE monitors issuers’ compliance with the Listing Rules and the Admission to Trading Rules. 

An issuer seeking admission to the MSM is also required to comply with EU securities legislation such as the Prospectus, Market Abuse and Transparency Directives – for which the Central Bank of Ireland is competent authority.  Details of the relevant requirements and rules for these Directives can be found on the Central Bank’s website by clicking here.

Listing Rules

As competent authority for listing in Ireland under the European Communities (Admission to Listing and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2007, the ISE has established Listing Rules which apply to issuers that have, or are seeking to have, their securities admitted to official stock exchange listing on the ISE. 

Listing Checklists

Listing Forms

An issuer that is seeking to have a Short Term Paper admitted to listing and trading on the MSM are required to comply with the Short Term Paper Rules.

ISE Guideline booklets

To facilitate issuers and advisers seeking admission of certain types of debt securities to listing and trading on the ISE, the ISE has developed Guideline booklets which collate relevant requirements from the ISE Listing Rules, Admission to Trading Rules, EU securities legislation (PD, TD and MAD) and the relevant rules of the Central Bank. The Guidelines are available here.

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Listing Rules
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