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€10,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme
Debt Security Programme Debt Security Non-Programme Debt Security Tranche Debt Security Document
      €10,000,000,000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme 23 1 8
Close  ATLANTIA S.P.A. 22 8
Series 5 Series 5 Senior Guaranteed Notes due 6 May 2016 Sedol: B42GSM1 Currency: EUR
Series 6 Issue of JPY 20000000000 Fixed Rate Notes due 10 December 2038 Sedol: B4ZXZR3 Currency: JPY
Series 7 Issue of EUR 1000000000 Senior Guaranteed Notes due 18 September 2017 Sedol: B3MNSJ2 Currency: EUR
Series 8 Issue of EUR 500000000 Senior Guaranteed Notes due 16 September 2025 Sedol: B67MZY9 Currency: EUR
Series 9 Issue of EUR 1000000000 4.500 per cent. Senior Notes due 8 February 2019 Sedol: B7FFMR9 Currency: EUR
Series 11 Issue of EUR 35000000 4.800 per cent. Senior Notes due 9 June 2032 Sedol: B7MJ047 Currency: EUR
Series 12 Issue of EUR 750000000 4.375 per cent. Senior Guaranteed Notes due 16 March 2020 Sedol: B8JZ131 Currency: EUR
Series 14 Issue of EUR 750000000 2.875% Senior Guaranteed Notes due February 2021 guaranteed by Autostrade per L'Italia Spa Sedol: BFG1WC7 Currency: EUR
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