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Credit Suisse International - Debt Issuance Programme
Debt Security Programme Debt Security Non-Programme Debt Security Tranche Debt Security Document
      Credit Suisse International - Debt Issuance Programme 355 1 4
Call Volatility Share Basket Warrants EUR 200 relating to Long Basket and Short Basket of Shares Sedol: B1W8RF2 Currency: EUR
Series SPCSI-2009-1833 EUR 5500000 Zero Coupon Index-linked Principal Protected Notes due 2016 linked to Credit Suisse Global Alternative Energy Index Sedol: B8N4YT1 Currency: EUR
Series NCSI-2008-1000 EUR 10,000,000 Principal Protected Index-linked Notes due 2018 Sedol: B8N4YV3 Currency: EUR
Series SPCSI 2012-1317 €5,850,000 Secured Notes linked to Instituto de Crédito Oficial due 2017 Sedol: B9FS5H3 Currency: EUR
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