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Date Company name Headline Release Time
19/09/2014 Legg Mason & Co (UK) ISE Only - Covidien Plc 14:45
18/09/2014 Legg Mason & Co (UK) ISE Only - Covidien PLC 14:29
17/09/2014 Leadenhall Dvrsfd. Change of Listing Sponsor 16:23
17/09/2014 Leadenhall Val Ins Change of Listing Sponsor 16:15
17/09/2014 Lazard Japan Vela Further Admissions 15:31
17/09/2014 Lazard Emerging Inc Further Admissions 15:25
17/09/2014 Legg Mason & Co (UK) ISE Only - Covidien PLC 14:44
17/09/2014 Locat SV S.r.l. Investor Report 11:43
16/09/2014 Legg Mason & Co (UK) ISE Only - Covidien PLC 14:47
16/09/2014 Lyxor/York Fund Ltd Change of Name of Fund &Change of Trading Strategy 12:45
16/09/2014 Lazard Emer Inc Plus Notification of Controlling Interest 10:45
16/09/2014 Lazard Glbl Hexgn Fd Notification of Controlling Interest 10:43
16/09/2014 Lazard Rathmore Fund Notification of Controlling Interest 10:41
16/09/2014 Lazard Glbl Hexgn Fd Director/PDMR Shareholding 10:40
15/09/2014 Legg Mason & Co (UK) ISE Only - Covidien PLC 14:52

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